How to pass the Adobe Certified Expert Exam for Photoshop CC


You have been using Adobe Photoshop for a few years and you feel taking on the Adobe Certified Expert Exam (ACE) for Photoshop to prove your proficiency. But are you ready?

Do you know what LAB colors are, how many channels in a Tritone, what does ICC stand for? How can you make use of Photoshop “Generate> Image Assets” to export multiple formats and resolution of your layers? If you are able to answer some of questions, then perhaps you stand a chance at the exam.

What is an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)

An ACE for the specific Adobe software product is acknowledged as a highly skilled, expert level user of the Adobe software. It is a recognized worldwide standard in Adobe software knowledge. Becoming an ACE holds many benefits which I listed below.


  • Professional recognition ; prove to employer your competency in the software
  • Assist you in the future in becoming a teacher or even an Adobe Certified Instructor
  • Stand out from the crowd; what sets you apart from the next Photoshop user

So how do you take the ACE exam?

Pearson Vue, a global company that facilitates the test taking of professional computer program, helps you book your ACE exam. Simple register an account there and you can start making payment for your scheduled exam. It is really simple.

An Adobe exam voucher costs USD 140 (SGD 230). You are allowed up to three exam attempts for any exam annually. Each exam instance will incur a separate exam fee. This is cover in the Adobe Certification FAQ. I have listed the link in the last page.


What about Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)?

The ACA certification shows that you are an entry-level skilled users of the Adobe software. If you are a tertiary student, I would recommend taking this exam to test the waters. Save the ACE exam when you are working or when you are going to graduate.

The ACA exam is facilitated by Certiport, a subset of Pearson Vue. Visit Certiport to register for your exams.

Areas of Certification Available

My Experience with ACE Exam for Photoshop

On the 14 October 2015, I took the ACE Exam for Photoshop CC at NetAssist Service, an Adobe Authorized Testing Center. I found the exam to be challenging but relatively easy if you really analyze the questions. If you are well-prepared and done all your homework, passing it should not be a problem.

The difficult part about the Exam was having 2 answers that seems correct and making a decision to choose one.

How I overcame it was by reading the questions thoroughly and finding out what they wanted specifically. From there, I was able to derive at a conclusion. I managed to pass with flying colours.

I studied for a week before taking the Exam reading up on books and exploring Photoshop. Below are some resources that I used.



IPassExam Study Guide



This study guide is featured on the Adobe Marketplace as preparation material and practice exam. It cost about USD 10.50 (SGD 14.50) for 1 month license IF purchased under the ACE Preparation Bundle which consists of an exam voucher too. Otherwise it would cost you USD 32 (SGD 44) for a 3 month license usage.

It has about 180 questions across various topics tested and a practice exam. Despite being promoted on the Adobe Marketplace as a study aid, I would not recommend solely using it to pass because it is by no means a “sure-pass” guide. You will face similar questions in the exam but not all of them.

What this resource is good for:

Use this Study Guide to gauge your understanding of your Photoshop’s knowledge. Here you will find out what areas of Photoshop that you are weak or strong in. By knowing which topics you lack in, you are able to study better for the Exam.


Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book


This book is from the Adobe official training series and you can find some people who swear by it to pass the ACE Exam online. Overall, the content is like a textbook. It will guide you through practical examples and can get wordy and dry sometimes. You will learn a thing or two here and there but at a slow pace due to the book layout.

What this guide is good for:

By finishing this book, you will come to learn about many workflows in Photoshop and unexplored options from  getting an image into Photoshop from Bridge all the way till getting it out for print, web or online publications.

*By the way, I used the 2014 release of the book for the Exam and I found that the materials are still relevant.


Adobe Photoshop CC on Demand Book


If you are short on time and need just 1 book to get you through the ACE Exam then this book is for you.

I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful this book is and how I was able to pass with it. This book covers EVERYTHING about Photoshop that needs to be known. Every page or two covers a component of the software that is closely drawn from the Adobe Help Pages. Every nook and crannies of Photoshop is explained , you would not miss a thing about a certain panel, effect or even button.

What this guide is good for:

In my opinion, it is no doubt a Photoshop manual that will help you pass the ACE Exam.

Adobe Exam Guide / Bulletin


This is like the cover page to any examination papers. It will help understand what is going to be tested and the pre-requisites you should have before taking the exam. It also has 10 sample questions that you can attempt to get a feel of the exam.

Adobe Help Page & Google


If you read the Adobe Photoshop Help page, you will no doubt pass the exam for it is based on it after all. It covers EVERYTHING and even more so than the Adobe Photoshop CC On Demand Book. There is really not much to say about it.

What this guide is good for:

If you are short on cash to buy books or study aids or too lazy to get to the library to borrow the books, this is the resource for you.

How I studied with this was to open up the Photoshop software and explore every buttons and options in it. I would refer to the Help page every time I stumble upon a control which I do not understand and Adobe does a good job with their explanations too. 

2015 Promotion : Buy one Exam get another free!



Get a free Adobe Certified Expert exam with the purchase of any Adobe Certified Expert exam! Simply use the promotional code, ACEBOGO when registering for your full-priced exam and, once completed, you will automatically be eligible for another exam at no additional cost.
The first Adobe Certified Expert exam must be completed by December 31, 2015. The additional, free exam must be completed within 12 months of the completion of the first exam. Your free exam can be used on a retake or to achieve your next certification.

The promotional code: ACEBOGO

Trend observed

In late 2014, Adobe also had a 50% discount on the Exam Voucher promotion. So if you are thinking about taking an ACE exam, it would be good to wait till end of the year to hear about new promotions.


Additional Reading

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Registration & Relevant Links

Pearson Vue Adobe Page : 

Here you can register an account with Pearson Vue and book an Adobe ACE exam…

Adobe Certification Overview.

Adobe Certification Overview  (Pearson)

Adobe Certified Associate..

Adobe Certification FAQ

The Adobe Marketplace

The Adobe Marketplace – ACE Preparation Bundle

Adobe Exam Guide / Bulletin.


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